Economic Development Authority (EDA)

The Economic Development Authority of the City of Crystal (EDA) formulates and implements the City's redevelopment and housing improvement programs. It operates under the provisions of Minnesota Statutes Chapter 469, and has powers similar to a Housing and Redevelopment Authority. EDA regular meetings are typically held the first Tuesday of the month, prior to the City Council meeting. EDA special meetings may be called as necessary throughout the year and are typically on the third Tuesday of the month, either prior to or following the City Council meeting. In addition, the EDA may hold work sessions, as needed. The public is welcome to attend all of these meetings.


To learn more about the EDA's current redevelopment and housing improvement activities, visit the Development page of the City's website. For questions regarding the EDA, contact the community development director at 763-531-1142 or

Links to EDA meeting and work session agendas, packets, minutes, and recordings are available below.

EDA Meeting:
Packets (includes the agenda and all supporting documentation)
Minutes (approved by the EDA)
Meeting Videos (view the current meeting live or view previous meetings)
2017 Meeting Schedule

EDA Work Session:
Packets (includes the agenda and all supporting documentation)
Minutes (approved by the EDA)
Audio Recordings (no video available for work sessions)

MEETING SCHEDULE − 2017  * Regular Meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month, except as noted.
                                                                           ** Special Meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month, except as noted.
Jan. 5 − Regular Meeting
Jan. 17 − Special Meeting
July 18 − Regular Meeting *
Feb. 7 − Regular Meeting
Feb. 21 - Special Meeting
Aug. 15 − Regular Meeting *
March 7 − Regular Meeting
March 21 - Special Meeting
Sept. 5 − Regular Meeting
Sept. 19 - Special Meeting
April 4 − Regular Meeting
April 19 - Special Meeting **
Oct. 3 − Regular Meeting
Oct. 17 - Special Meeting
May 2 − Regular Meeting
May 16 - Special Meeting
Nov. 7 − Regular Meeting
Nov. 21 - Special Meeting
June 6 − Regular Meeting
June 20 - Special Meeting
Dec. 5 − Regular Meeting
Dec. 19 - Special Meeting