Proposed CP-BNSF Freight Train Connection

Update 6/23/2015:

At this time, the city does not know whether Burlington North Santa Fe and Canadian Pacific still intend to build the connector track through the business properties located at 5140, 5160 and 5170 West Broadway.

What we do know is:
• Hennepin County now owns the 5170 West Broadway parcel; and

• State law has been changed to roll back the railroads' eminent domain authority so they cannot take property from the    county if the county determines that the taking would be detrimental to public safety.

Some recognitions are in order:
• The city appreciates the involvement of its residents in standing up for the safety of our community. Your efforts were essential in making this happen.

• The city thanks the staff, elected officials and residents of Robbinsdale, New Hope, Golden Valley, Plymouth and Minneapolis, and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, for adding your voices to the chorus objecting to the proposed connection.

• The city also thanks Hennepin County for stepping up and doing what the local communities couldn't realistically do on our own.

• The city also extends its appreciation to Governor Dayton and a bipartisan coalition of state legislators for their strong action on this issue in the 2015 legislative session. This includes Senator Ann Rest from New Hope and Representative Sarah Anderson from Plymouth, as well as Crystal's representatives Lyndon Carlson and Mike Freiberg.

• Finally, the city appreciates the responsiveness and attention of our Congressional delegation (Senators Klobuchar and Franken, and Representative Ellison) and the Surface Transportation Board.

For background information, please see the links below:

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: aerial photo and map

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