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Utility Billing

City of Crystal
P: 763-531-1120

The city charges for water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, street lights and recycling services. Billing is done on a quarterly basis with one third of the city billed each month. The month of a customer's utility bill is determined by their location in the city.

Customers moving into the city must contact utility billing to set up an account and customers moving out must contact utility billing to arrange for a final bill. Payments may be made in person at City Hall, by mail, in drop boxes at City Hall, 4141 Douglas Dr., and the Community Center, 4800 Douglas Dr., or by automatic payment plan.

Customers who sign up for the automatic payment plan, pay their bills through an electronic fund transfer from their checking or savings account, MasterCard or Visa. They continue to receive a utility bill with service information, the amount due and the date of withdrawal. Funds are automatically withdrawn from the account on the stated due date. Customers can enroll in the automatic payment plan on the City of Crystal website here, on the right-column "Pay Utility Bill" link on this page, or from the "Online Payment" quick link on the city's homepage.

Utility billing contact information:

Utility Billing
City of Crystal
4141 Douglas Drive North
Crystal, MN 55422-1696

Phone: 763-531-1120

 Residential Utility Charges Billed Quarterly
Utility rates are reviewed annually and set to provide the funding needed for the operation, maintenance and capital improvement of the utility systems.
 Water service charge    $4.80
 Minnesota State Water Testing Fee    $1.59
 Water consumption in 1,000 gallon units  Tier #1: 0 to 30 units  $5.70 per unit
   Tier #2: 31 to 60 units  $6.30 per unit
   Tier #3: Over 61 units  $6.60 per unit
 Sanitary sewer charge    $61.22
 Senior/disabled sanitary sewer charge    $49.59
 Storm drainage    $18.15
 Street lights    $5
 Recycling    $10.75

Commercial Utility Charges Billed Quarterly

Commercial, industrial and institutional customers have larger diameter water meters and use more water due to the size and nature of their operations.  They pay the same charge per unit of water used, but have a larger numbers of units of water in Tier #1 and Tier #2, depending on the size of their water meter.  They also pay a higher water service charge, depending on the size of their water meter.  Sewer charges are based on the amount of water used and billed at the rate of $2.67 per unit of water.  Storm drainage charges are billed at the rate of $435.88 per acre times the acreage of the property of at the rate of $90.75 per residential equivalency factor.

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