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The Assessing Department is responsible for maintaining property tax records and ensuring the tax burden is equitably distributed based on value. The city contracts with Hennepin County to provide this service. Its main responsibilities are managing homestead exemptions, special assessments, and property valuation/classification. General property information can be found in this section as well.

The Assessing Department has two levels of responsibility, one at the municipal level and another at the county level. The City's special assessment clerk works at the municipal level with special assessments and homestead exemptions but also supports Hennepin County Assessing Services.

Hennepin County Assessing Services
The Hennepin County assessors appraise the properties within the city on an on-going basis. The city is divided into five areas and one area is appraised each year. Property owners will receive a Revaluation Notice in the mail letting them know that their home needs to be viewed.

In order to appraise the market value of a property, it is necessary for the assessors to view both the interior and exterior. Improvements are taken into consideration, as is the overall size and condition of the property. Market value is defined as the price that would prevail under competitive, open-market conditions.

The assessors also determine the classification, or use, of each parcel (i.e. residential homestead, residential non-homestead, agricultural, or commercial). Each of these classifications is taxed at a different percentage of the market value. The percentages are set by the legislature.

Once the value has been determined, a Value Notification is sent to the property owner advising him/her of the proposed value. This notice also indicates the time, date and location of a public hearing the property owner may attend if they wish to appeal the proposed value. There are several additional appeal methods that a property owner may pursue.

Special Assessments
Special assessments are levied on residential and commercial properties within the city primarily for street and water/sewer work. One such project the City undertakes is full reconstruction of all the city streets. Paying for this process is a special assessment to all properties on a street that is being rebuilt.

Once an assessment is levied, property owners will have 30 days to prepay the assessment with no interest (partial assessment payments may also be accepted, refer to your assessment notice). If payment is received after the initial 30 days, interest will be charged through the date of payment. Any balance still owing after the payment cut-off date will be certified to your Hennepin County property taxes with interest over the period of years specified in your assessment notice.

Prior to November 15 of any year, the remaining balance of an existing levied assessment can be paid in full to the City of Crystal. Payment will remove the assessment from future year's taxes, but will not affect taxes for the current year. Other special assessments may be levied on a particular property, such as:

Delinquent Utility Bills
Costs incurred by the City when it has had to mow, haul away trash, or trim trees for a property in response to a complaint. The City would levy that cost as a special assessment to that property.

Homestead Exemptions
New or existing homeowners or their qualifying relative(s) are required to apply for a homestead exemption if they wish to receive the homestead credit on their property taxes. You may file online, or come to City Hall to complete the process or print the form and mail it in with the necessary documentation. The documents you will need to provide are:

Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV #)
A copy of the deed used to convey the property to you (Warranty Deed, Contract for Deed, Personal Representative Deed)
In order to homestead your property, all owners and their spouses must provide their Social Security numbers and sign the homestead application, even if they are not on the deed. Please make sure you have this information when you come to city hall to file.

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