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 March 24, 2020  City of Crystal  Mayor declares a local emergency exists in the city effective immediately
 May 20, 2020  City of Crystal  COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (Updated Feb. 16, 2021)
 May 4, 2021  City of Crystal  Public Hearing regarding expansion of on-sale liquor license at 4900 West Broadway
 May 5, 2021  City of Crystal  Proclamation that Arbor Day is May 5, 2021 in Crystal.
 May 13, 2021  Shingle Creek Watershed  Shingle Creek and West Mississippi Watershed's public hearing on Palmer Lake Estates Bass Creek Restoration
 May 20, 2021  Bassett Creek Watershed Management Public Hearing on a proposed minor plan amendment to BCWMC's Watershed Management Plan
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City of Crystal